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Our purpose built forms make it easy to enter in all your feis's info.

Minimal Entering

Your time is important and we want to make adding and updating your feis quick and painless. We've searched and pre-filled as much information as possible. You only need to enter what is unique about your feis.

Quick Search

Search for your venue and hotel instead of manually entering several key peices of information.

Planxti user interface
Planxti user interface

Promote Your Feis

Promote your feis on the Planxti home page and across the site!

Just the Important Details

Add all the information dancers and parents want, in one location.

Registration window

Add your registration window and drive dancers directly from Planxti to your registration provider. Receive a boost when your feis opens with placement on the Planxti homepage.

Feis date

Add the date of your feis and it will be added to the Planxti feis calendar. Everyone can add the dates directly to their personal calendar.


Add your venues and have them listed on your feis page. Dancers and parents can get directions directly to your venue in their favorite map app.


Add your preferred hotels and have them listed on your feis page. Dancers and parents can get directions to the hotels in their favorite map app as well.


Add the region of your feis and allow dancers to filter the calendar based on their region.


Add your latest logo for easy recognition of your event in lists of feiseanna.


Add the vendors that will be at your feis and have them listed on your feis page. Help drive early support for your vendors with pre-orders.

Our Goal

Help Your Feis Reach Cap

Planxti's main purpose is to increase the visibility of feiseanna, schools, and Irish dance businesses. We want to be a central place where parents and dancers can come to make decisions about what feiseanna they will register for next, register for later in the year, as well as finding vendors where they can shop for what they need.

Help us help you by keeping your feis's information accurate and up to date.

If you have any ideas that would help Planxti put your feis in front of more people, please reach out. Planxti is looking to solve any problems you might have.

Ready to dive in?Contact us to get started.

Please be sure to use the email address associated with your feis or school.
We need to verify your account before you will be able to manage your feis.